Kuala Lumpur – 14 Februari 2016

Telin Malaysia as representatives of Telkom Indonesia, the largest telecommunication company in Indonesia which is majority owned by the Indonesian government, established in Malaysia with a mission, one of which is that its existence can benefit as much as possible for Indonesian citizens in Malaysia.

By bringing the spirit of nationalism, many activities that have been carried out by TELIN Malaysia in collaboration with the community of Indonesian citizens in Malaysia, ranging from festivals kercengan with Bawean community, puppet show with Java community, art hypnotic horse shows and jejer gandrung dance from Banyuwangi, Hackaton Merdeka 3.0 even in Malaysia to support the eradication of corruption in Indonesia.

Indonesian workers in Malaysia also did not escape the attention of TELIN Malaysia. Through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) TELIN Malaysia provides grants to the operational costs of the program Education for the Nation fronted by Mr. Aulia Badar representative for working expatriate in Malaysian and Indonesian students studying in Malaysia. Starting in 2015, Education for the nation to open a new class of the class Enterprise to complement English classes, computer and crafts that are already running, and Telin Malaysia actively involved in entrepreneurship classes, the CEO and Group Head of Marketing and Sales TELIN Malaysia is one of the material input for some subjects such as tips and motivation to become entrepreneurs as well as how to market products or services. In addition, Telin Malaysia also support a part of the capital for entrepreneurial class participants with the best business plan.

Month of February 2016, is the beginning of the program Education for the Nation entrepreneurial class second generation, andtoday, Sunday, February 14, 2016, CEO Telin Malaysia, Mr. Oki Wiranto at a sharing in the classroom Education for the Nation to bring the discussion of Marketing Management. Topics discussed is something that is easily digested and practiced with examples of real-life examples such as how to give a unique name to the product that is known as Jomblo meatballs, boedjangan meatballs and so forth. In addition it was also discussed about how to use social media to market your products and services. The participants who packed a class at Sekolah Indonesia Kuala Lumpur very enthusiastic listening to the explanation of Mr. Oki Wiranto.

Hopefully sharing delivered today and the weeks coming could be useful and presence of TELIN Malaysia could benefit as much as possible for the citizens of Indonesia and the Indonesian Workers in Malaysia.

KartuAs 2in1 hadir untuk Pahlawan Devisa Indonesia!

Kuala Lumpur – 14 Februari 2016

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